Cabinet Accessories

From ingenious storage solutions to convenient organizers, our cabinet accessories are designed to optimize every inch of space. Customize your cabinets with practical inserts such as cutlery dividers, spice racks, and pull-out trays, ensuring effortless accessibility and efficiency. With our meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, our cabinet accessories blend seamlessly with your cabinetry, elevating both style and functionality.

Seattle Area Cabinet Accessories | Luxe Cabinet & Stone

Cabinet Accessories & Inserts Perfect for Your Organization Needs

Corner Organizers

Interchangeable corner systems let you maximize storage in hard to reach corner cabinets. Once installed these accessories make it easy for everyone to access and use this valuable space in your kitchen. Configurations range from lazy susans to swing-out shelves. Our Functional & Interchangeable Corner is one of our pride products. Our product is strong, functional and beautiful.

Waste Basket Cabinets

No matter how much a garbage can manufacturer attempts to beautify kitchen trash cans, there’s always one problem: It’s still a trash can, and everyone who sees it knows it’s a trash can. If you hate the idea of having a garbage can visible inside your home, our Extreme Waste Basket Cabinets is a great idea for your kitchen.

Ergonomic Cutlery Drawers

Everyone want a place for frequently used items – with everything orderly and organized. Our Ergonomic Cutlery make everything from silverware to spices more accessible for everyone. We offer a variety of storage options for drawers in the kitchen. From deep drawer solutions to liners, we can bring efficiency to each drawer in the kitchen.

Corner Organizer (Lazy Susan)

No matter how much a garbage can manufacturer attempts to beautify kitchen trash cans, there’s always one problem: It’s still a trash can, and everyone who sees it knows it’s a trash can. If you hate the idea of having a garbage can visible inside your home, our Extreme Waste Basket Cabinets is a great idea for your kitchen.

Base & Wall Spice Racks

Organizing spices in a kitchen can be a tricky job to say the least. You most likely do not have a lot of cupboard or counter space, but you still have to be able to access your spices quickly. Smart cooking starts with a smart kitchen. Keep your everyday ingredients within reach, and make sure other items are arranged and easy to find in a flash. That’s why our Base & Wall Spice Racks are the smart options for saving those herbs and spices. We offer variety styles and sizes for your kitchens.

Roll-out Trays

Add roll-outs trays to your kitchen cabinets to maximize storage space, provide easier access, streamline your cooking, save your back and simplify clean-up chores. Pull out shelves are a great improvement for a kitchen that’s too small. It may sound like hype, but adding rollouts to your kitchen storage cabinets can be life-changing. I speak from our experience because we’re cooking too and we care about our customers.

Microwave Cabinets

It’s safe to say that the vast majority of people own a microwave. In fact, 90% of Americans have a microwave in their household, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics; making it the second most common home appliance after the refrigerator. However, finding the right place to put your microwave is oftentimes difficult. Naturally, you want to make sure everything flows smoothly from the stove to the fridge, all the way to the microwave and sink. That’s why we offer our customers with Microwave Cabinet solutions. From open shelf cabinet to built-in cabinets with wood trims so you have more ideas to place your microwave.

Floating Shelves

Add a floating shelf to the kitchen, living area or bedroom with our Everlasting Floating Shelves. The floating design adds easy style and modern appeal to any room. Use these shelves in the dining area or the kitchen to store festive glassware, pottery or other useful kitchen tools.

Sliding Pot Organizer

Sliding pot organizer is an ideal way to keep your cookwares. Pots, pans, and lids are some of the hardest pieces of kitchen equipment to handle. They’re big and bulky, but often used, so you have to find a lot of easily-accessible space for them. Our sliding pot organizer pull out drawer is an example of how we care about customer and the look of their kitchens. Using our sliding organized pull out drawer make your kitchen organized and efficiently.

Tip-Out Trays

The space under the cabinet is traditionally where people keep things like slide out trash cans, household cleaners and cleansers, and so on, but those items only take up so much space from the bottom up. That leaves lots of space in the upper several inches of the box sitting empty. This is a great idea to take advantage of space. Keeping thing in the tip-out tray means they remain out of sight when not in use, but are easily in reach when needed.

Soft-close Mixer/Appliance Lift

The Soft-Close Chrome Mixer Lift by Hardware Resources is designed to install to inside wall of any cabinet. Holds appliances up to 45 lbs, this mixer lift can be attached to any custom made shelf. Installation instructions and mounting hardware are included. 1-Year Warranty.

Pantry Pullout

This Hardware Resources Wire Pantry Pullout includes 5 heavy duty wire baskets with chrome finish and fits a 12″ – 15″ wide cabinet opening. Featuring a Swingout feature – the pullout pivots 90º in each direction when fully extended – the heavy-duty soft close slides ensure a 175 pound weight capacity.

Wall Spice Rack

Installs to back of cabinet door and holds a wide variety of spice jars, containers, and bottles Lower shelf is fixed, and two upper shelves are adjustable Solid birch and birch plywood construction with a clear UV finish.

Spice Tray Organizer for Drawers

Keep spices conveniently close to hand with this spice rack insert for base cabinet organizers. Features a unique angled design for easy access, simple drop-in installation, and maple construction with a clear UV coat to complement any kitchen décor. Keeps your base cabinet organized and all of its contents easily accessible. – Versatile: in addition to spices, this rack can also store sewing accessories, craft supplies, or other items of your choice.

Peg Board Drawer Insert

Hardware Resources Drawer Peg Organization System with 9 Push-In Pegs. Create instant storage for organizing all kinds of items with this endlessly changeable pegboard system, from dinner plates to plastic containers with dividers for your drawers. The board itself can be trimmed to size and is constructed from UV-cured maple and comes with 9 matching pegs.

Accessory Lid Organizer

Lid organizer for peg board system. Press in rack that holds up to six lids. Easy press in installation that works with our Peg 9 PEG 12 or PEG 16 peg board systems.

Knife Organizer

Knife Organizer Drawer Insert. 18-1/2″ x 22″ x 2-3/8″. For Use in 18-1/2″ Wide Drawer, Comes with 19 Knife Slots and Built-in Front Storage Partition. Unit Can Be Trimmed to Fit Any Drawer Width.

Tall Bakeware, Tray, Sheet Organizer

18″ tall bakeware organizer perfect for organizing baking sheets serving trays and more. 20″ depth. Installs directly into cabinet back and bottom with included attachment screws. Polished chrome finish. Completely versatile organization – use multiple tray dividers and mix and match sizes to customize your storage. Place multiple dividers at any spacing – narrow for baking sheets and wider for cutting boards and baking dishes

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