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Renton Custom Cabinets

When it comes to custom cabinets in Renton, WA, and nearby towns and cities, there is one name to trust – Luxe Cabinet & Stone. Our Renton custom cabinets are constructed using some of the finest materials and are ideal for your kitchen, bathroom, and hallway.

Whether you need Renton custom cabinets for a new construction, or are planning to remodel your home, our Renton custom cabinets are designed with elegant craftsmanship and installed with absolute perfection.

We offer an extensive selection of colors and styles to match your taste. Whether you need something classic or modern, our designers can make it all happen.

That’s our promise!

  • Customized hallway shelves
  • Multipurpose cupboards
  • Personalized shelving system
  • Made to order countertops
  • Contemporary hallway storage designs
  • Interchangeable storage designs

Reach out to Luxe Cabinet & Stone get your Renton custom cabinets made as per your preference!


Renton Custom Kitchen Cabinets

For designing your Renton custom kitchen cabinets, we combine skilled craftsmanship with latest technology and use 3D design programs to help you visualize your dream kitchen.

Whether you have a strong visual of your Renton custom kitchen cabinets in mind, or only have a set of requirements that you want our designers to work with, we are open to all your thoughts and requirements.

Our Renton custom kitchen cabinets are a perfect way to store your utensils, spices, and appliances, and to free up your counterspace. If you have any questions or need details regarding our Renton custom kitchen cabinets, feel free to reach out to our friendly team.

  • Adjustable wall spice racks
  • Marble countertops
  • Roll-out trays
  • Sliding pot organizers
  • Built in microwave section
  • Base and wall spice racks


Need help with your Renton custom kitchen cabinets? Call our designers at Luxe Cabinet & Stone where we make your dream come true!

Renton Custom Bathroom Cabinets

With our Renton custom bathroom cabinets, we offer a variety of designs to suit your needs. Our Renton custom bathroom cabinets enable you to design your bathroom exactly as you want and therefore maximize your space usage.

Our interior designers will guide you through the process from start to end, so all you have to do is to use your Renton custom bathroom cabinets and make your life easy! Doesn’t this sound great?

Do not waste your money in shelves and drawers you do not need. Instead, get your Renton custom bathroom cabinets from us!

  • Reversible vanities
  • Corner cupboard organizers
  • One-of-a-kind shelves
  • Pull out drawers
  • Floor to ceiling storage options
  • Personalized bathroom shelf


In Renton custom bathroom cabinets and countertops are exclusively designed for you by Luxe Cabinet & Stone – reach out to us today!

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